Terms and Conditions - CKJili Casino

Welcome to CKJili Casino, the leading online betting playground for those who love gambling. We are committed to providing players with a safe, fair and exciting platform to enjoy a wide variety of exciting casino games. However, to ensure a positive gaming environment for everyone, we require players to comply with the following Term and Condition. Please read these terms carefully before using our services.

Terms of service


To play at CKJili Casino, players must be 18 years old or the legal age to gamble according to the laws of their country of residence. Players must also have the legal capacity to enter into contracts.

Player account

Each player is only allowed to create and maintain a single account at CKJili Casino. When creating an account, players must provide accurate and complete information. Accounts will not be transferred to third parties.

Deposit and withdraw money

CKJili Casino offers many convenient and safe deposit and withdrawal methods. It is the player’s responsibility to comply with deposit and withdrawal limits as prescribed by the casino. All transactions must comply with anti-money laundering policies and applicable regulations.

General rules

Responsible behavior

Players must behave responsibly and respectfully when using CKJili Casino’s services. Any behavior that is considered abusive, threatening or offensive towards casino staff or other players will not be tolerated.

Fair gambling

CKJili Casino is committed to providing players with a fair and safe gambling platform. All games are closely monitored to ensure that they are run fairly and that no cheating occurs.

Right to amend

CKJili Casino reserves the right to amend these Term and Condition at any time without prior notice. It is the Player’s responsibility to regularly review the latest Term and Condition to ensure that they understand and comply with the applicable rules.


Collection and use of personal information

CKJili Casino only collects and uses players’ personal information as necessary to provide services and maintain accounts. This information will be protected under strict security measures and will never be disclosed to third parties without the player’s consent.

Save data

CKJili Casino will store players’ personal information as long as their account is active. Once an account is closed, information will be retained for a specified time as required by law or regulatory authority regulations.

Access to information

Players have the right to access and request correction of their personal information at any time. They can also cancel their account and request deletion of their personal information.

Restrictions Clause

Prohibited activities

Players are strictly prohibited from participating in the following activities:
Use third-party software or tools to cheat or exploit games
Create multiple accounts
Money laundering
Providing false or fraudulent information
Restricted country
CKJili Casino does not provide services to players from certain countries due to legal or regulatory restrictions. The list of restricted countries is posted on the casino’s website.

Lock account

CKJili Casino reserves the right to block the accounts of players who violate these Term and Condition or attempt to engage in prohibited activities.


These Term and Condition constitute a binding agreement between CKJili Casino and its players. By using our services, players agree to comply with these Term and Condition. We advise players to read these Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure that they understand the rules and their responsibilities. If players have any questions about these Term and Condition, they are encouraged to contact CKJili Casino customer support for assistance.