How to play Jackpot Fishing

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How to play Jackpot Fishing

In 2016, JiLi Entertainment Group laid its foundation in the Philippine capital Manila. The casinos are operated by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) – the Philippines’ online gaming regulator. The casinos at the CKJili complex are not only distinguished by beautiful graphics and vivid sound, but also by dedicated customer service. So let’s take a look at one of the most attractive and easy-to-play games here – Jackpot Fishing!

Introducing Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing, also known as fish shooting, is an interesting entertainment game that combines action elements with reward betting. This game is often found in fish shooting game shops, casinos and even online casinos.

Features of Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing at CKJili has an eye-catching interface, vivid 3D graphics and vivid sound effects. Players will use cannons to hunt fish swimming on the screen.

Types of weapons

Jackpot Fishing at CKJili provides a diverse weapon system, allowing players to choose the cannon that suits their strategy flexibly.
Single cannon: This is a basic cannon, with a slow rate of fire but great power.
Twin Cannon: This cannon fires two bullets quickly, suitable for hunting small, agile targets.
Electric cannon: A powerful cannon that can take down multiple targets simultaneously.
Fish board
Jackpot Fishing at CKJili has a rich fish board system, diverse in types and sizes. Each type of fish will have a different reward value, from small fish, and medium fish to giant BOSS fish.
Common fish: These are small, swimming alone, with low reward value.
School fish: These fish swim in schools, move in groups, and have a higher reward value than regular fish.
Special fish: These are fish that possess special abilities, such as electric ray fish, and stingrays, and have great reward values.
BOSS: These are giant fish, strong and difficult to shoot, but have extremely high reward value.

How to play

Jackpot Fishing at CKJili has simple gameplay with easy operations. The player performs the following operations:
Choose the bet level: Before starting to play, players need to choose the bet level appropriate to the amount of money they have.
Control the cannon: Click on a position on the screen to move the cannon.
Shoot fish: Left-click or press the spacebar to shoot.
BOSS hunting: To defeat BOSS fish, players need to shoot continuously and focus on the target.
Collect: After shooting down fish, the player will receive a corresponding amount of bonus money

Playing strategy

Jackpot Fishing is a game of chance, but players can apply several strategies to increase their chances of winning:
Aim appropriately: Prioritize shooting fish that are easy to shoot and have high reward value.
Use appropriate weapons: Each type of weapon has its advantages, so be flexible in choosing the right weapon for your target.
Gradually increase the bet level: Don’t be afraid to gradually increase the bet level when you have experience and accumulated a certain amount of money.


Jackpot Fishing is an attractive entertainment game that not only brings high chances of winning but also helps players relax and relieve stress. With eye-catching graphics, vivid sound and simple gameplay, quickly register an account at CKJili Casino and experience this exciting game right away!